Etere for Radio and TV Parma

20 февраля 2002

Radio and TV Parma On-air has chosen Etere for the management of the whole commercial programming and the general schedule. Etere is a consistent system used by broadcasters worldwide.

The company PUBLIEDI srl owns RADIO PARMA and TV PARMA and it is the most important commercial distributor in Parma and the county.

Both stations use ETERE Automation to broadcast On-air automatically in full caching, that is completely with the videoserver, which in this case is the SeaChange BMS videoserver that has 2 inputs (high and low resolution) and 2 outputs.

Etere drives all devices by using the highly technological RS422. The system is also made of:
- 2 VTRs for filing/ingestion, to record the asset from tape directly to the videoserver
- 1 Sigma audio/video commutation router
- 1 For-A Logo generator
- 1 Pinnacle Deko100 Character Generator

ETERE manages the whole commercial programming and the general schedule. By using the Instant Editor all operators will be able to modify the schedule even just a few seconds before the On-air.

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