Kalev Sport selects Etere as its broadcasting system

01 July 2009

Video Meedia Group Acquired the Prime Estonian Sports Channel and Relied on Etere its Passage to the New Digital Era

Kalev Sport is Estonia’s first ever sports channel. Kalev Sport was launched in late 2007, offering viewers various sporting events, both domestic and international. Kalev Sport shows include English Premier League, Motocross, Estonian Club Football, Volleyball, Basketball and also some Baltic Basketball League games.

Kalev Sport has recently changed owner, and the new philosophy of the channel is now focused to work as a fully commercial channel, basing its incomes on advertisement sales. This ambitious project has become a reality, in big part owing to the fact that is based on Etere, which has improved its overall functioning by implementing the use of simple, flexible and user-defined workflows in the whole system, achieving in this way a top level of media management.

Kalev Sport’s daily schedule is drawn up with Etere Scheduling, by using this module all the assets meant to be aired are carefully programmed, being also allowed the management of secondary events received from Logo Generators, Crawl Generators and Subtitlers.

The recording of video material is carried out through Etere Ingest, which permits, besides the manual and automatic ingestion, also to carry out various post-recording functions as file checks, quality checks, file removals and statistics calculations.

Etere Automation is the application which combines real-time device control with media asset management in a single product; Etere Automation is which sends On-Air the entire programming of Kalev Sport, displaying contemporaneously both Estonian and Russian subtitles.

The sale of Etere’s system to Kalev Sport was made through Etere Estonia Distributor, Pro Media Inc. As part of its main project, Kalev Sport has increased the quantity of devices used along its broadcasting process; all these devices are fully supported by Etere, and the more important ones are following listed:

- 6 Workstations with a CAL (Client Access License),
- 1 Video Server Nexio (2 inputs and 4 outputs),
- 1 Matrix Kramer 16x16,
- 2 Subtitling FAB Systems,
- 3 VTR Ingest,
- 1 Logo Generator.

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