Etere Multichannel Control

04 апреля 2002

Real-time control of schedules of all your stations.

ETERE Multichannel Control allows you monitoring and viewing, through a simple screen on your monitor, the daily schedule of all your channels.

Every channel can be immediately recognized with the simple association channel/logo. It allows you viewing all events (without dropping out any of them) with their effective length, thank to the horizontal schedule.

Monitoring one or more channels with Multichannel Control is very simple and efficient. You will be able to view the title of any event, its length and make a low-resolution preview.

You can enable the feature that alerts you some time before the end of an event and before the next one starts and if there are any problems with the On-air, or you can give a priority for the monitoring of events you consider more important than the others. The entire schedule and warnings can be configured so to have only one display of information you need (display of only primary events, only some of secondary events, etc.).

Each status and warning uses different colors, in fact, there can be some underlined events on the screen, which means that there is an anomaly to be resolved before the On-air broadcasting of that very event and it could even been skipped because of the verified problem.

The underline has 5 colors: red, yellow, black, blue, green which identify the urgency of the problem (black is the most serious, yellow is less serious). This way you will be able to eliminate the error without any blanks.

In a flash you will be able to view various events, because each one of them has a different color. A standard feature for the programs on the ETERE schedule.

In case all warnings are not considered, do not worry, because the ETERE support service will communicate t you the eventual problem verifications through a SNMP workstation.

ETERE Multichannel Control exports all schedule data to any local or remote serial device. Only ETERE with the new Multichannel Control allows you having a complete control over all your channels in a simple way.

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