Etere & Dalet A.n.n. for the News

10 February 2002

As announced during the last IBC in Amsterdam, ETERE and Dalet A.N.N entered into partnership ready to offer the best technological combination for creating and managing TV news.

The intent of both companies is to offer a solution, which fulfills clients’ necessities including also particular requirements.

For this reason, ETERE’s department of Research and Development, in the last months has been paying all its attentions to the creation of a new “Heart of Automation for the news”, integrated with A.N.N. Systems’ solutions.

ETERE NEWS 2.0 is fault tolerant and it is based on MOS 2.6, all to render the solution more flexible and faster compared to all other similar products on the market.

This solution to manage and produce the news is the solution all journalists were waiting for because of its clarity and simplicity, joined to its power, its simple and intuitive interface.

The Automation system offered by ETERE News 2.0 minds to the system’s opened and expandable architecture. There is no limit for the device control, it is possible to control completely all devices you want to (videoservers, switchers, logo generators, routers, video storage systems, etc), in so many ways: by RS 422, TCP/IP Ethernet or GPI.

This new product, offered by Dalet Ann/Etere will be the milestone in the integration process of news with the ETERE’s powerful distributed architecture.