Etere Develops Censorship

04 September 2002

Censorship is the latest function developed by the ETERE R&D team that completes ETERE Automation.

Censorship becomes an indispensable instrument for all those stations where is necessary to perform particular cuts of the video asset before the On-air.

This can be done in all cases when some specific laws should be followed, which foresee limitations when broadcasting certain messages and/or images: such as, not viewing some parts of the video asset because they are not held to be suitable for the public vision or they are not allowed to be broadcasted during the day.

Censorship is a system used to prepare asset that, through a simple interface, allows cutting anything you wish.

Once you have previewed in low or high resolution the asset you wish to modify, the operator can fix the SOM and EOM points; as soon as you confirm those cuts, the work will be completed. For a further check you can view the modified clip in low resolution. Censorship unites speed and preciseness. There are no limits to your cuts, the operator can effect all the cuts he wants.
Once the cuts have been confirmed the operator has 3 possibilities:

- attribute a new code to the new asset. There will be two different assets in the archive: the original one and the one you have modified, ready to be broadcasted.
- delete the original asset and save only the modified one.
- save only the original modified asset and ETERE Automation will read the modifications before the On-air.

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