Etere for ANT1

31 октября 2002

ETERE has participated to the modernization of Antenna TV installations, the Greek TV station that broadcasts in the whole country.

Antenna TV takes part of the Antenna Group, one of major broadcasting groups in Greece, owning many TV stations - in Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Cyprus – many radio stations and an editorial group. And for last, but not least, they own a school for Radio & TV engineers and journalists.

The basic necessity of this client was to have the maximum security and protection for their On-air.
That for, besides the famous Etere Automation play-out software, Etere Clone’s advanced technology was added to the system. With it, the redundancy is complete: two automation controllers that broadcast two identical copies of the same play-list synchronized in frame, without any extra operations. In case the On-air operator needs to modify the play-list, both Main Automation and Clone Automation will be automatically modified. The Clone process checks out if the Main Automation works correctly; and in case of a problem, the Clone takes over the control of all devices and continues the broadcast. The fast commutation guarantees that not a single event will be lost.
The client was stunned by this architecture, because nobody before ETERE has ever been able to guarantee so much safety and easiness when using this really economical software.

Michael Dallas, Antenna Group’s Broadcast Manager had something to say about this:
“ETERE software is flexible and suits our needs for broadcasting. It has a friendly user interface, easy to understand the basic operations so each operator can start using it from the very first moment. It is a multi-playing software; up to 4 channels are playing with ETERE software and can cope with the things that we want to do.

The support is good, we have asked for many things to be changed and came to our specific needs and almost everything has been done. The operators after the first 4 months did not want to change it and return to the previous one.”

And more, Michael Dallas announced the next launch of new TV channels: “We are planning to launch three more Pay TV channels in the near future. ANTENNA TV, ANTENNA Gold, ANTENNA Satellite and ANTENNA Pacific, that have been already playing from the SeaChange Server with ETERE Automation, and these new channels will be added to the server and automated by ETERE. Till now we are pleased with ETERE Automation and we are scheduling to upgrade to the latest SQL version by the end of the year.

The program has totally improved our workflow and its user friendly GUI and simplicity has gained the operators. The cost of purchasing ETERE Automation and the facilities that are offered for that price are the main advantages compared with the competitors. Secondly, the recommendation of SeaChange for ETERE Automation played also a significant role to our decision.”

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