Etere in Portugal for TV Medicina & Canal Saude

30 августа 2003

ETERE Automation has been awarded a contract to automate the broadcasts and the on air schedules for 2 Portuguese satellite channels: TV Medicina and Canal Saude.

The broadcast operation is fully redundant taking advantage of technology of ETERE and Full Caching automation.

Full Caching offers several advantages: flexibility, independence from mechanical systems, no need to prepare commercial in advance, on air schedule can be changed at any time, even seconds before air time independent from the format used.

ETERE Automation drives all the devices present inside the tv station, above all 1 videoserver GVG Profile PRO with 1 inputs and 3 outputs,2 Beta and Digital Beta VTR’s used strictly for filing in RS422 and 1 Isara Matrix.

ETERE forefront technology allows the emulation all the different devices connected via the RS422 interface. Every PC sees a virtual VTR that can be controlled at any moment. Using standard hardware ETERE virtualises all the PC’s allowing the control of all the devices without the use of interface cards or serial cables.

TV Medicina and Canal Saude uses several modules of ETERE Automation like Etere Scheduling and its 2 level of on air schedule, the main level is frame accurate, and the instant editor that allows last minute changes.

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