Etere Tape Manager

31 March 2003

Etere Tape Manager manages efficiently and inexpensively your tape archive. It automates tape management and archiving.

Now you can check low cost tape archiving, reduce download time, increase efficiency and better up the execution. Etere helps you to identify quantity and position of taped data, their owner, date of creation and eventual errors during the asset download. Etere reports, monitors and handles the entire tape management.

Upload, download and tape management can be all effected by pressing only one button. You are able to display all tapes container in a single cart machine and check their availability and position.

Asset search is simple and fast. You can also search tapes by their frequency of use, date of creation and so on. Also, you will reduce the jeopardy to accidentally overwrite tapes or lose data because of tape identification error, which appear being unknown to your tape management system.

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