ETERE MTX gets 2D-DVE to empower its video effects

08 октября 2014

The addition of Two-Dimensional Digital Video Effects enables MTX to create high-resolution PIPs from any source!

ETERE is pleased to announce the addition of onboard 2D-DVE capabilities to ETERE MTX, the IT-based solution that now supports creating picture-in-picture effects from HD/SD inputs.

With this improvement, ETERE MTX consolidates its leading position as the most cost effective playout solution in the market able to give sophisticated effects based on live streams, animations and textual information.

Thanks to the 2D-DVE, ETERE MTX is able to go beyond the simple "graphic over video", and offer powerful Digital Video Effects to squeeze back live video over a background graphic with a custom size and on a custom position.

Etere MTX leverages the Matrox video card DVE capability to deliver spectacular on-air graphics and allow broadcasters to create a clear and distinct brand by combining a powerful layering with a real-time control of displayed graphics.

Among the many applications of MTX's 2D-DVE technology the following can be mentioned:
■ Create PIP’s from any source including live feeds.
■ Resize and position PIP's in the screen.
■ Key PIP's over background images from the server.

The strength of the solution provided by ETERE consist of the wide range of built-in features incorporated in one IT-based server; besides the squeeze back DVE other features are also provided including logos, graphics, animations, crawls, captions, tickers and clocks.

The 2D-DVE capability is perfectly integrated in the touch screen interface of the ETERE MASTER CONTROL, allowing operators to easily create user defined, sophisticated and visually dynamic picture-in-picture effects.

MTX is part of the MERP Cloud framework provided by ETERE, its high flexibility and scalability allows a smooth integration with all other modules. MTX is able to create graphics based on files stored in the cloud as well as displaying crawls containing metadata stored in the MAM database.

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