Etere Launches a Free Transcoder

12 November 2014

Etere MERP Cloud is upgraded with a powerful transcoder capable of creating H264 proxies with the option to select burned-in timecode from any file.

ETERE, the worldwide leader in software solutions for broadcast and media companies, today announced a new transcoding solution for file-based workflows, a transcoder able to provide all major format conversions required in production, post-production, broadcast and distribution environments.

In these days, where file-based video is the common standard for media workflows and content is being more and more ingested from different sources, encoded at different bitrates and formatted in different standards, an automated transcoding system becomes crucial within any workflow. With Etere Transcoder your files will be always in required places at the right time, with the right format!

Etere Transcoder is the solution that ensures an advanced level of transcoding for your media, giving you all the advantages of a reliable automated system powered with the following features:

    ■ Smart workflow-based management
    ■ H264 encoding at at different resolutions
    ■ XDCAM HD 50 PAL/NTSC encoding
    ■ XDCAM IMX 30 PAL/NTSC encoding
    ■ Up conversion and aspect ratio change
    ■ Down conversion without aspect ratio change
    ■ AAC and MP3 audio encoding
    ■ Timecode burn-in on video
    ■ Multi-core and single-core processing
    ■ Custom rules for auto file naming

Etere Transcoder is part of the MERP Cloud framework provided by ETERE, its high flexibility and scalability allows a smooth integration with all other modules such as Browsing and Subtitling. Starting with version, Etere Transcoder will be provided for free along with DataMover, the media engine that controls the execution of workflow actions with streamlined concurrency and parallelism.

Download Pdf Doc.