Etabeta Chooses Etere for Studio Universal Playout

16 July 2003

Etabeta SpA has decided to confirm again Etere system for the new TV station that it produces.

After the confirmation for 3 year in a row of Etere Logger for the reality show “Big brother” (software used for viewing and recording events contemporarily in high/low resolution and creating and sending material stories to editing systems), there wasn’t doubts about this choose.

Its name is Studio Universal and it’s the TV of the cinema, directly made from who made the cinema. It’s a production of Universal Studios, the American giant of the big screen that produces movies from 80 years.

The broadcast operation is fully redundant taking advantage Etere Clone technology and Full Caching automation. Full Caching offers several advantages: flexibility, independence from mechanical systems, no need to prepare commercial in advance, on air schedule can be changed at any time, even seconds before air time independent from the format used.

The system is fully redundant and also fault resilient, so that in the event of a single component failure, the on air operation is unaffected and also redundancy is partially preserved.

Etere forefront technology allows the emulation all the different devices connected via the RS422 interface. It’s the ‘core technology’ of the Etere distributed architecture.

Every PC sees a virtual VTR that can be controlled at any moment. Using standard hardware Etere virtualises all the PC’s allowing the control of all the devices without the use of interface cards or serial cables.
The automation works on a fault tolerant fast Ethernet connection.

Studio Universal uses several modules of Etere Automation like Etere Scheduling and its 2 level of on air schedule, the main level is frame accurate, and the instant editor that allows last minute changes.

Etere also manages commercial programming with the new Etere Traffic the only traffic system directly connected to the automation.

Etere Traffic put a new milestone on the traffic and automation dialog, it creates a single environment that I able to communicate every changes in few seconds, it eliminates the traditional barrer from traffic people and on-air operator joining them in a single automation team.

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