ETERE released MTX Toolbox for a facilitated ingest and playout

25 июня 2014

MTX toolbox is a simple and powerful software solution that allows the user to make the most of their MTX server.

Etere is glad to announce MTX Toolbox, the latest product added to its comprehensive MERP Cloud suite to provide a simple, reliable and powerful way to control and leverage the encoding and decoding channels of MTX servers.

MTX Toolbox is the intuitive software interface that enables any user to pilot all channels available on a local or remote MTX server, allowing to use channels for any purpose, from basic channels testing to actual ingest/playout operations.

MTX Toolbox brings on a single display an overview of all MTX channels, providing a real multi-channel management while reducing operational costs and giving users the confidence that ingest and playout operations are running smoothly.

MTX ToolBox not only enables easy ingest capabilities, it makes playtime more flexible and suitable thanks to its up to three different modes for decoder control:
    ■ Play back clips once at time with just one click
    ■ Play back playlists containing drag and drop clips
    ■ Play back recorded clips at fixed delayed times

Get MTX Toolbox into your system and unleash your MTX server to leverage the following features:
    ■ Remote control of MTX servers from any network computer
    ■ Unique playout dashboard for multi-channel transmission
    ■ Advanced playback commands (e.g. jog shuttle, speed)
    ■ Support of extensive metadata (e.g. AFD, Profile, etc.)
    ■ Control panels with fully customizable layouts
    ■ Easy overlay of graphic logos on decoders
    ■ Display key channels information (e.g. status, etc.)

MTX Toolbox is another piece of the MERP Cloud enterprise-class software suite, it's flexible, scalable, fully tapeless and workflow-based, it enables you to make the most of your MTX cloud-storage, getting a virtualized storage pool with unlimited MAM functionality and capacity.

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