Etere Transcoder

27 июня 2003

ETERE TRANSCODER to convert video files from MPEG-2 to Windows Media Video.

ETERE developed a code to convert automatically MPEG-2 files, products of the most famous video servers, to Windows Media Video and Mpeg4 of different bit-rates.

Its name is ETERE TRANSCODER. Frame accuracy is guaranteed all the way from source to destination files. The solution is fast, economical and powerful.

The only necessary hardware is the simplest PC that runs Windows XP.
It is fundamental for all broadcasters, because this way they can have a low resolution system that costs much less than “classic” ones.

This function is an ETERE Media Manager appendix and it represents a further growth of ETERE Media Asset Management. Now ETERE is capable of furnishing both solutions, whether “parallel encoding” whether conversion of format without aiming a new code.

With ETERE Media Manager you are 100% sure of having always the right video file at the right time, the software allows you having a complete control over the whole video asset of your station. It checks the asset and where it is kept, it is a revolutionary system, which allows defining connections between devices and the video asset by using the correct path.

ETERE Transcoder will be integrated in all the following versions of ETERE Media Manager software.

Video servers which can convert files, are the following:
- Seachange
- Pinnacle
- Leitch
- Omneon

The solution will be applied for other types of video servers too.

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