Etere adds "OTT DELIVERY" to its Broadcast Management Suite

04 December 2013

Etere provides a professional OTT delivery solution for a streamlined and multi-platform OTT delivery workflow.

ETERE, the leading global provider of integrated broadcast solutions, has the pleasure to announce today that OTT Delivery capabilities has been added to its robust suite of broadcast management solutions that already covers key aspects from licensing rights to utilization monitoring, from long-term planning to inventory control. Thanks to a strong grasp of the broadcasting industry, ETERE brings "OTT Delivery" to keep up the pace with the rapidly increasing adoption of over-the-top delivery platforms by the part of broadcasters. Etere's innovative and revolutionary solution allows you to export your content to OTT platform providers meeting all contract terms and media formatting requirements while ensuring the protection of premium assets. The tight integration between Etere OTT Delivery and other Etere modules such as Workflow, Automation and MAM creates a high-level business architecture able to maximize your revenue generation and efficiently deliver your content to the OTT marketplace and the video service providers available on it. The OTT Delivery solution has been powered with workflow technology to provide automated and accurate transfer and transcoding capabilities that will allow you to make your media suitable to the requirements of any OTT video delivery platform. OTT Delivery can be seamlessly integrated with your existing broadcast workflows to easily expand your multi-platform product offerings. Etere OTT Delivery enables content providers to get a quick and easy way to manage and monitor delivery of content through the use of highly-detailed delivery orders empowered with the following features:

 ■ Facilitated order compilation and multi-change capabilities
 ■ Exclusive relation to a specific platform
 ■ Easy duplication of orders to extend platforms
 ■ Multi-platform delivery of assets through different orders
 ■ Custom XML headers per order/platform
 ■ Automatic workflow preparation and export of files

The invasion of over-the-top (OTT) services has begun, it is time for media operators to prepare their positions and choose their weapons, don't fall behind and choose Etere OTT Delivery to ensure a winning over-the-top delivery strategy.