Antenna Group On-air with Etere SQL

20 мая 2003

The largest media company in Greece, Antenna Group has once again renewed its confidence in Etere as a top chocie to manage its 4 Greek stations .

As announced in 2002 by Michael Dallas (Broadcast Manager), 4 Greek stations which take part of “Antenna Group”, have chosen ETERE SQL.

It’s been less than a year since the installation of the DBF version has been effected when they have decided to migrate the entire system to the SQL version.
ANT1 is the terrestrial station (one of the biggest Greek channels with the highest share in the country) and other 3 are satellite stations: ANTENNA Gold, ANTENNA Sat and ANTENNA Pacific.

Since they’ve been using ETERE SQL the entire play-out system increased its speed (SQL tests have confirmed the speed increase of cca. 20:1) and data safety; besides, now they can easily manage huge archives.
Michael Dallas, said:
“ETERE software is flexible and suits our needs for broadcasting. It has a friendly user interface, easy to understand the basic operations so each operator can start using it from the very first moment. It is a multi-playing software; up to 4 channels are playing with ETERE software and can cope with the things that we want to do.

The support is good and the operators did not want to change it and return to the previous one.”

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