24 октября 2013

ETERE's partnership with File Catalyst enables accelerated transfer speeds.

ETERE system handles high volumes of large format media files. For users, sending and receiving large amounts of files can become very slow or unreliable to send, especially over large geographical distances.To transfer files at the highest speed possible, ETERE integrates with Filecatalyst, for its unique acceleration technology.

ETERE is offering an essential and innovative solution to the broadcasting industry. This integration helps to deliver additional value for the customer, all in one simple tool.

ETERE with FileCatalyst enables you to send your files at maximum rates, without being impeded by network impairments, such as latency and packet loss experienced with TCP/IP.

While methods of file transfer like FTP and email are not able to keep up with today’s large media files, often leading to failed or never-ending transfers, the FileCatalyst integration accelerated file transfer protocol offers incredible speed versus traditional methods, allowing user transfer faster than FTP.

ETERE is the leading company dedicated to the best of IT and broadcast, having the strongest market and an edge technology, through an innovative architectural excellence and the best flexibility, since 23 years, developing a fully integrated ERP system: ETERE MERP - Media Enterprise Resources Planning is able to provide the best integrated solution to improve the media flow.

ETERE goes beyond the traditional MAM design, with a extraordinary integrated solution. ETERE provides to the media station the tools of tomorrow to have a complete and accurate control on the full company lifecycle.

ETERE, a consistent system!

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