ETERE Releases HSM integration with Sony ODA Library

20 октября 2013

Etere gives you and advanced option to safely and easily store high-volume data into Sony's Optical Disc Archive products using Etere HSM

As many professionals have been looking for long-term, reliable storage for their huge volumes of media assets, ETERE, the leading provider for the broadcasting industry, is always up-to-date!

The innovative ETERE HSM now has one more benefit: the ability to store your important data in a compact cartridge with optical discs. ETERE will be essential for the wide range of video and broadcast operations including media digitization from tapes, news and sports production and disaster recovery.

The integration between ETERE HSM and the SONY Optical Disc Archive product line is the ideal archiving solution for Near-Line and Long-Term storage at broadcasting stations; it provides a versatile and sophisticated solution to store your media assets in a library unit so that you enjoy multi-access and sharing of files, with scalable storage capacity.

ETERE HSM is able to interface the Sony's extensible high-capacity file-based system to enable you to store data in compact cartridges (housing 12 optical discs within), allowing you to correctly track the shelf position of archived content and automatically handle cartridges within the library through robotic movements.

ETERE supports multiple ODA libraries and a mixed environment with LTO and ODA, allowing you to use the best of both systems. Etere HSM makes your work easy by moving and optimizing video contents in order to save space, saving time and money.

Etere is the leading company in the project and development of the integrated end-to-end workflow solution for media stations. Etere has adapted as first in the world the revolutionary concept of MERP (Media Enterprise Resources Planning), that integrates internal and external management information across the entire organization of the TV stations such as Media Asset Management, Automation, Archiving, Scheduling, Air sales, BMS/Long term Planning, News Automation, Resources Planning and OTT Integration. Many TV stations in the worldwide have chosen Etere system to improve their broadcasting productivity.
Etere a consistent system!