Etere for 102. 5 Hit Channel

17 марта 2003

Etere accomplished RTL 102.5 to became one of the most popular TV station in Italy.

Since 2000 RTL 102.5 has been trying to take the “radio to video”. After 2 years we could finally say that they’ve accomplished what they have planned, and so Hit Channel 102.5 (the satellite TV station) became one of the most popular TV stations in Italy with a high daily share. Hit Channel 102.5 is not just a simple music TV station but an “Interactive Music TV”.

You are able to view your schedule on the web: actually, anybody can and you just need a simple PC and a connection to internet. The application is based on Etere Web, the software developed to integrate automation, schedule and web.
Schedule can be viewed by:
- TV viewers, that are able to view their SMS published on web, read the schedule for and watch TV on-line.
- the crew, that need to know all that is being broadcasted and all that has been programmed: it is useful in case there are several studios, production or commercial manager.

All problems can be solved with ETERE Web, because it allows a real-time vision of all programs without being connected directly to the On-air system. There is no need to install programs on all workstations: you need a simple net browser.
- commercial programming: to find out if and when a certain commercial has been broadcasted
- commercial crowding: so everybody can have the situation under control
- status of events: a real-time vision of all programs
All this can be accomplished without any extra work and/or hardware: all you need is to make the usual schedule, Etere Web will read data and publish on Web with maximum safety.

This project was lead by Attilio Ummarino, RTL On-air technician who has been guiding this project for years: “Etere Web made our job much easier. The VJ doesn’t have any problems with handling it, and he’s able to check real-time the intro, total length, time remaining to the end of the On-air event, and he can also view a video file in low quality by simply pressing upon the scheduled event and by using a standard player (Windows Media Player).

For now only our staff can use the service but probably very soon it will be accessible on the site”, and he says about Etere that: “for already 10 years we have been using Etere products and I think that talks louder than any compliment!”.

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