Etere at SET EXPO 2013

11 июля 2013

Etere will be present at the 2013 edition of the most important broadcasting event in Latin America, from 19th to 22th August, at Imigrantes Exhibition Center, São Paulo – Brazil. Fabio Gattari, our president, will present at the conference our experiences on MAM and workflow.

Etere, the first proposer of MERP approach,will showcase all the future and innovative solution for the broadast industry at next SET, Broadcast and Cable in Brasil. Etere will focus for the first time in Latin America on the new OTT solutions, the perfect union between a traditional media archive and the future media delivery within a MERP integration.

Etere is the high software technology for the best broadcast productivity, able to generate a fully integrated range of end-to-end software modules, as: Media Asset Management, Archiving, Automation, Tapeless Reception, Air Sales, Broadcast Management, Scheduling, Transcoding and OTT Integration. Many Tv stations in the world choose Etere in order to build a flexible, scalable, fully tapeless/paperless and workflow-based system, where they can have fully control and actions on different operations, from production to delivery, from archiving to multi-format content delivery.

MERP(Media Enterprise Resources Planning)is the Etere key concept essential to generate:
• a flexible and powerful platform for a better and efficient management of the company's resources;
• a global workflow driven framework to manage all the business;
• metadata updated and shared in real-time.

Join us at Brasvideo booth D16/D17, at our local distributor place, to know more about Etere system. For further information and to arrange a meeting at this event, please send an email to the following address:
Etere a consistent system!

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