27 июня 2013

Etere announced that Etere software can be interfaced with Gen21 system. The SOAP technology and the workflow integration will be a milestone for the broadcast world.

Etere has extendend its workflow actions to facilitate the dialogue with Gen 21, since Eteres’ main aim is to adapt its capabilities to the other broadcasting system, using its unique MERP approach. The integration with Gen21 use an innovative SOAP technology to deliver the best performances. Instead to use the txt or xml files interchange using drop folders as any other product in the market, ETERE develops a real time integration using SOAP and Webservices. The user can design the interface Workflow as any other workflow of ETERE. Etere MAM and Scheduling units interact with an unlimited number of Gen21 installation. The Mam is able to deliver the same asset using different GEN21 names in different playlists. This approach allows and easy merging of information where the central role of MERP architecture is enhanced. Etere system now enables users to freely create custom workflows able to retrieve and also send key assets information between Etere and Gen21 systems. Gen21 is a software that provides a full set of features and operations for the management of the broadcasting performance, such as Broadcast Management System, Content Management System, Subscriber Management System and Business Intelligence. Gen21 has been developed by the Indian IT company PT infotech solutions. In this specific case, Etere delivers different workflow blocks, to get or write metadata. The workflow allows a flexible real-time background update of the metadata, so the user will never think he is using different systems. This interoperability significantly increases productivity of the whole system,since that all the major production tasks, as well logistic operations and tapes management are efficiently combined by Etere with Gen21, with the best results of minimizing the overhead and maximizing the reliability of all the actions. Etere will also be able to read information from Gen21 playlist that are used to run in advance the workflows used for video management, so they can be prepared in advance avoiding last minute rush operation. Simple Efficient Versatile. Etere is the leading company since 23 years ago in the project and development of the integrated end-to-end workflow solution for media stations. Etere has adapted as first in the world the revolutionary concept of MERP (Media Enterprise Resources Planning), that integrates internal and external management information across the entire organization of the TV stations such as Media Asset Management, Automation, Archiving, Scheduling, Air sales, BMS/Long term Planning, News Automation, Resources Planning. Many TV stations in the worldwide has chosen Etere system to improve their broadcasting productivity.
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