Etere for the Fenice Theatre of Venice

09 июля 2004

Etere is glad to improve The Fenice Theatre system.

The Fenice Theatre, as everyone knows well, has finally revived in all his brightness, after the fire which destroyed its in 1996. The tops of the theatre have decided to provide it with a system of recording of all the shows which will take place.

The project has been entrusted to IBM Italy, which has proposed ETERE technology for the recording of the material display.

The system will be gifted with of 10 recording channels, this it finishes relied to ETERE Recording, this is the module of ETERE that allows the contemporary recording of the images captured by the disposed cameras inside the theatre.

ETERE will create some files in DV 25 format which will be subsequently edited with a suitable software. The time synchronization of all the Pc of the system is entrusted to Time Flooder and Time Receiver: they will receive the time code then to give it to all the Pc connected, so as from synchronized.
The Italian company will supply also the new Consolle SNMP. It allows with to foresee the breakdowns of the system before they happen and to inform with acoustic signal the imminence of the breakdown. A signal will besides, there be through e-mail the selected events.

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