Etere to Dubai for Infinity TV

09 August 2004

ETERE 'lands' also in the Arab Emirates, the Infinity TV broadcaster has decided to make use of the ETERE technology for 2 television channels.

Infinity TV is a family entertainment channel with 60% Arabic and 40% English programmes and is broadcast free-to-air covering the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

It broadcasts a mix of Arabic serials, English and Arabic feature films, music videos, quiz programmes and locally produced programmes. This channel is part of the Abu Dhabi-based Pal Group, which comprises 18 companies. Infinity TV is the group’s first venture into the broadcast industry.
The tender has been won by the system integrator Salam Technical Services of Dubai, which has proposed ETERE as automation software.

This success open a market that ETERE had in its future projects, the company's presence was already fixed at the annual exhibition of the broadcast which takes place to Dubai in the month of March: the CABSAT.

In the system ETERE is responsible for the playout of the channels and controls: a Seachange BMC Broadcast Media Cluster, a router, a master control and a logo generator.

ETERE Automation was mainly inspired by the concept of a “Full Caching” automation where the video server is appointed to broadcast all events

The Full Caching automation offers noticeable advantages: extreme flexibility, quality, reliability, possibility to manage real time broadcasting, saving money for maintenance of all devices (ex: VTRs) and materials necessary for their functioning (ex: tapes), complete redundancy. Commercials don’t have to be prepared in advance and also you can modify your schedule in any moment and in any format.
Etere Clone’s advanced technology was added to the system. With it the redundancy is complete: there are two automation controllers that broadcast two identical copies of the same play-list, frame synchronized, without any extra operations. In case the on-air operator needs to modify the play-list, both main automation and clone automation will be automatically modified.
Fabio Gattari, President of Etere, says: ‘Etere offers them the most advanced system in automation area. Etere offers them not only automation, but also a database to organize the tapes and video assets, and also a Unicode interface to support the Arabic language.’