HRT commercials with Etere

26 мая 2004

ETERE Automation has been chosen for the management and scheduling of the new spot and commercials system of the 3 Croatian national network.

The Croatian radio and Television is a public corporation, owned by the Republic of Croatia. Its role is to support public significance and satisfy public interest through informing.

Croatian Television has three channels of national and state importance and offers 50 hours of programming daily. After wartime conflicts and tensions and the peaceful reintegration of the Croatian Danube Region, Croatian Television today is seeing a speedy democratisation process and offers growing opportunities for creative and independent projects.

Croatian Television offers new approaches and a pluralism of content. Channel One is made up almost entirely of domestic programming, from news programmes, education and science programmes to documentaries and culture programmes. Channel Two broadcasts foreign light entertainment and comedy programmes and regional news programmes. Channel Three offers sports programmes, music programmes and commercials.

ETERE manages the whole scheduling and the commercials play out. All this can be done thanks to just one Etere Software, that is Traffic. It can manage all the 3 networks at once with synchronized planning or not, moreover, it checks the agents selling fee, creates preventive and final scheduling for HRT customers. Commercials are sold not according to “time slots” but according to program blocks. The system is equipped with a splitting system.

The whole system is provided of a backup system to achieve the highest security level to save any kind of data. The Backup is usually not working, hence does not use precious resources (eg.: videoserver ports). Whenever the main server fails, it takes control of all devices of the system. It guarantees a low resource use with a low cost.

The media setting is made with Etere Recording, a system thoroughly integrated with automation. The installation was equipped with Shuttle Pro, the control panel to make media video preparation using jog & shuttle operations.

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