Etere Launches NUNZIO, its Newsroom System

05 февраля 2014

NUNZIO is another part of the MERP approach; it enables you to develop a story from the initial idea to the final broadcast

In Broadcast the News are a significant part, so the Etere MERP got richer with a full newsroom management system. Etere MERP greatly improves coordinated multi-media planning and collaboration across different production units such as radio, TV or web departments, editorial driven workflow and metadata management.

NUNZIO comes from Latin and means News Speaker, with it you can work better, faster and achieve an amazing result.

Etere Nunzio is a highly-flexible and cost-effective solution able to manage the entire tapeless workflow of a newsroom environment, starting from the planning of news programs to the control of on-air playback. Etere Nunzio makes all jobs within a newsroom easier, helping managers to control overall daily operations, guiding journalists to prepare their stories, and enabling editors to quickly deliver stories media.
Etere offers a single unified system with full NRCS capabilities, video editing integration, fast edit with voice-overs and virtual stories (playable without conforming). NUNZIO uses Etere engine and technology for Media Management and federated integration in multisite installations.

Etere Workflow organizes human tasks and automates all processes, it’s the end-to-end solution for a streamlined workflow management from ingest and production to automated playout with secondary events, including media archiving and distribution, open standards for integrations, cost-effective IT infrastructure, highly scalable and reliable enterprise products.

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