Etere MERP for Videogruppo

21 февраля 2013

Videogruppo chooses an Etere MERP software solution to manage and connect all the activities and workflows of its channels: Videogruppo e Torinow.

With Etere M.E.R.P. Videogruppo has now the opportunity to use flexible, reliable modular software and processes into a unique suite to manage: commercial orders and planning, invoicing and accounting, acquisition, tapeless content reception, TV scheduling, playout automation, archiving, Proxy.

The Videogruppo system is equipped with Etere Airsales. Etere Airsales is the advertising management core ( pre and post sales activities, advertising campaign sales, customer relationship, proposal, commercial planning, invoicing, Accounts Executive and agency commissions) therefore it plays a central role in the revenue-bearing and in the TV station success, thanks to its latest and advanced features.
The commercial’s job converges automatically into the playout scheduling and the playlist managers can use Etere executive Editor to finalize the playlist, manage secondary events and the “last minute” changes before or during airing.

The channels automation is managed by Etere Automation Main & Clone for a fully redundant solution that guarantees playout continuity trough two synchronized processes, ready for switching automatically in case of fault, that runs independently the same play list driving two device sets. As main and clone automations run in parallel it’s easy to monitor that both are running fine.
Content management, archiving and delivery are efficiently performed by Etere as the workflow system automates and streamlines many processes in the background to facilitate and speed the distribution. Etere Data Mover is appointed to move and transfer media files automatically and quickly to make them available on time wherever is needed (playout, editors, producers, etc.).

Videogruppo is now capable of acquiring content either via SDI through Etere Ingest or through Etere Tapeless Reception for a fully file-based acquisition. When Etere discovers a new media file available links it promptly to its asset or will create a new asset-form that will be improved by the operator with all the necessary metadata. Etere also provides proxy browsing for marking assets and preview.

Etere system @ Videogruppo controls the following equipments:
• 2 Shine Video Servers;
• Storage near line Infortrend;
• A/V routing switcher
• Embedded Logos and crawls (Oxtel protocol)
• 9 workstations

Etere M.E.R.P. makes real the collaborative workflow among heterogeneous departments also with the sharing of company technical and human resources.
Etere a consistent system!