Etere Improves Integration with NLE

15 февраля 2013

An Edge technology Drag and Drop, the easy way to use Etere MAM

Etere 23 pushes new ideas on MAM and editing integration. Now from anywhere in MAM is possible to drag and drop a video in the NLE system timeline.
The drag and drop uses the Etere Workflow technology to deliver the correct video, or a partial subset of it, at the correct destination. You can drag a video that exists only on your LTO tape, and the Etere Workflow will deliver it to the NLE with the correct format without any additional command. The function is now available for any windows based NLE, a future release for MAC based is planned for 2013. This function is also integrated in the Agenda, so it will be easy to distribute and control the job inside the company and have a full track of it. The Drag and Drop is controlled by Etere Rights system and Etere Permission Request, so a drag request can generate also a permission request, this will be inserted in the supervisor Agenda for approving. As usual in Etere MERP all is controlled, tracked, easy, efficient.
Etere a consistent system!

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