Etere for RAISAT

12 марта 2004

RATSAT has chosen Etere as a top choice. Etere software controls and organizes the whole video material of the 5 satellite channels of RAISAT.

Etere has direct towards the project for RAISAT. RAISAT was born in 1999 and it's made himself popular with everybody: public and critics, thanks at its schedules that never abandon the cultural mission.

Today the 5 satellite channels of RAISAT are on SKY Italia platform. They are Extra (channel to select programs of the 3 terrestrial channels of RAI and to propose again the best during the same days), Premium (channel dedicated at the best programs, present and past, of Rai), Cinema World (propose only movies), Gambero Rosso (shows and documents the world about the gastronomy, flavours, tastes and wine) and Ragazzi (channel dedicated at the children from 3 to 12 years).

The system of Turin, where is the on-air facility of the 5 channels, now the format is changed so the recycle of the video is made on a longer loop. Due to the small space inside of the transmission server the operators needs to ingest a lot of hours of video material every day.

To avoid this there are only 2 solutions:
- buy a bigger (and expensive) the videoserver
- or create a virtual expansion of the existing system

The second solution was chose, new but certainly more attractive, more technological and a best value for the customer money. The project, studied and executed from Etere in collaboration with StorageTek Italia, had foreseen the installation, near the pre-existent videoserver of disk array from 10 TB for increasing the space. In the system there are 2 important solutions of Etere, Media Manager and Archive Manager, dedicated at the media management.
Etere software controls and organizes the whole video material of the 5 channels; moreover it organizes the complex work of moving video.
It’s a revolutionary automatic system, which allows defining relations between devices and it roots video-material by using the correct path. The clip is always going to be transferred to the correct device, in stand-by for broadcasting or consulting. During the transmission, Media Manager automatically provides to withdraw video-file from the archive and to copy it on the video server.
The system has the SNMP console: the new way for doing “active-support”. Etere Support Service has a workstation with the vision graphic of the status of the system installed, connect at the TV station with a simple router.
In that way ETERE is able to foreseen the broken and to advise the customer of the imminent failure.