ABN in Kuala Lumpur chooses a MERP solution

12 февраля 2013

ABN uses the full MERP (Media Enterprise Resources Planning) design and this facility improves speed and lowers costs with the best flexibility.

ABN (Asian Broadcasting Network) is a new Malaysian station that broadcasts all its channels in digital format. The ABN group choose ETERE MERP approach to build up the infrastructure of its new station.

Etere MERP allows ABN to keep cost of ownership low and provide them with fastest, efficient and most flexible workflows currently available in the broadcasting market.

ABN relies the design of its facility on a full MERP (Media Enterprise Resources Planning) solution formed by a wide set of tightly integrated products ready to fit nowadays needs.

ABN manages its programs and promo scheduling through ETERE BMS and ETERE Promo, traffic activities from booking to billing are performed by Etere Airsales.

ETERE Media Asset Management takes care of the entire media lifecycle providing also ETERE Quality Check for a file-based QC.

ETERE HiRes Transcoding allows an easy, integrated and any-to-any activity. ETERE Workflow manages all the activities of the station, increasing reliability and efficiency.

ETERE MOS gateway is the solution for playing on-air News content from the Octopus newsroom. The playout is the best of the breed of IT based solution, Etere MTX and Xor-Media servers gives an integrated multi-format playout which also includes traditional master control capabilities.

Thanks to Etere, ABN has today the best that a broadcaster could have in terms of speed and efficiency.

Etere a consistent system!