Etere for Antenna Cyprus

30 января 2008

Antenna Cyprus, a free to air terrestrial TV channel from Greece has selected Etere to to enhance the management of its commercials.

“Etere’s reputation for excellence and well-established performance has increased value for our business. The Etere system has enhanced the performance of our commercial scheduling data management.

The system has improved our workflow making us capable of adapting to the rapidly changing broadcasting environment in which we operate” says George Kotziamanis, programming supervisor at Antenna Limited. Antenna Ltd Cyprus has trusted Etere to enhance the performance of their commercial scheduling data management.

Etere has developed a software for the management of contracts for commercial planning report. This system with cutting-edge features has been developed at the request of local TV stations for the markets of Greece, Cyprus and Romania. It has been conceived with the flexibility to customize the software, applying specific functions according to customer needs.

“We have been very well supported in our requirements by the Etere team, which has reinforced the choice of Etere as our software” continues George Kotziamanis, programming supervisor.

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